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                                 What is Reiki




Reiki is energy healing. Reiki is as old as people and I believe that at one time we all knew how to heal ourselves. Some have called Reiki "Faith Healing" or "Laying on of Hands". Some people do it intuitively and others, like myself, have gotten our "education" through the trainings of Reiki. An example that I use is that whenever you hurt yourself, you immediately put your hand to the hurt area. We have forgotten that we can heal ourselves. I believe that we can all tap into God's energy to heal.

Reiki aligns your spiritial body to your physical body and can do no harm. There is benefit for young and old.

Some of the questions that people have:

1. Will Reiki go against my religious beliefs?

    Reiki is not about Religion it is about healing coming straight from God. You can be a devout Christian or a Buddist to gain the benefits of Reiki. You do not even have to believe in God. You only have to have a desire to be healed.

2. Will I see results immediately?

     You will feel immediate results and should feel them for about 1 week.

3. What will you do during a Reiki Session?

     I will lightly place my hands at certain points on your body. We will do your front first down to your feet and then you will turn and lay on your belly and I will lightly place my hand at certain places on your back. Most Reiki Practitioners are very careful not to touch sensitive or private areas.

4. Is this like a massage?

      While some Massage Therapists have discovered the benifits to their clients with Reiki energy not all Reiki Practitioners are Massage Therapists. You will know beforehand if your Practitioner will incorporate Massage. I only use Reiki.

5. Do I have to take my clothes off for a Reiki Session?

     No. Reiki Energy will still flow through clothing. You may be asked to remove glasses, watches, earrings or anything that may interfer with the Practitioner channeling the energy but unless you are also getting a massage, you will not be asked to remove your clothing.


Preparing for Reiki

In order for you to receive the most from your Reiki Session you should prepare in the following ways.

1. Ask yourself if you really want to be healed. Believe it or not, some people don't want to be healed. They like the pay off they get from their illness. Examine yourself and your reasons for healing.

2. Ask your guides to help you accept the healing that God wants you to have. You are worthy of being healed.

3. Be aware of your emotional and physical state. Ask that your  guides help facilitate the healing in your life.

4. I expect you to be skeptical but not to the point that you close down. Please come with an open mind and heart. Actively look for changes in your health and life. Reiki can be subtle or dramatic depending on what you need.

5. You may need only one treatment and you may need more than one, ask your higher self what you need.


If you have any questions before your visit please send me an email and I will address your concerns.