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                         Reiki and Pregnancy

While I have seen amazing healing results from Reiki the most wonderful experiences that I have had were with pregnant women. These were women that were either in active labor or getting ready for the laboring process.

Babies waiting to be born respond very well to Reiki because they know what they have to do in order to be born. If the mother is stressed or very sick during pregnancy the baby may "forget" or just "be lazy" about getting into position for delivery.

When a mother is in a lot of pain during the labor she may unconsciously be delaying what her body and baby are trying to accomplish. Reiki helps them both remember and relaxes the mother so she can get to the business of labor and delivery.

The first experience I had with Reiki and pregnancy was with my niece. She is a 1st time mother and had never experienced that kind of pain before. She was fighting the pain instead of working with the labor contractions. I did Reiki on her for about 1 hour. In that time she went from being dilated 2 to7. The nurse put up a fight about checking her because she was fighting labor so hard and the nurse felt sure that she could not have progressed so quickly. She almost missed her epidural because she dilated so quickly.  I wish she had missed it because once administered the whole process stopped.

 My next experience with Reiki was with an acquaintance named Meredeth. She was at her due date and her doctor was going on vacation the next week and the baby was showing no signs of coming. She came over for a Reiki treatment on a Saturday afternoon. When she got to me the baby was laying sideways with her head down. After 1 hour of Reiki, she was feeling pressure and the baby was front and center. 

Sunday Meredeth had mild cramping and she could tell that the baby had moved down farther. On Monday she went to the doctor, who sent her to the hospital. The baby was born at 11am Monday. She said her pain was minimal and she was able to have her naturally.

The next year Meredeth was pregnant again and she called for a Reiki Treatment. She had the same results as before, minimal pain and quick, easy labor and delivery. 

Pregnancy or birth are not easy on a womans body or emotions. Reiki during your pregnancy puts your in a more relaxed state of mind and allows your body to do the task at hand.

 More and more women are realizing the benefits of Reiki during pregnancy. Labor does not have to be as painful as we are told!