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                             How to Meditate



The best place to start is at the beginning

When starting to develop your gifts the most important thing to remember is to protect and ground yourself. There are infinite ways to do this and I will list a few on another page.

First thing you will do is learn to meditate. You have to be in a state of calm, balanced energy. It is important to clear your mind so that you can receive the message. Before you begin, make sure that the phones are turned off and that no one will bother you. When I first started developing, my main problem was that I am a stay home mom and I am always with my kids. I was determined to have this time to myself and I started meditating when my son would nap. My daughter would stay in her room and color or play until I was finished. If that will not work for your family or situation, you can meditate before you go to sleep. Just try not to fall right asleep. 

Concentrate on your breathing and when thoughts come into your mind, gently move them to the side. This is not the time to think about what you are doing tomorrow or the next. Not the time to plan your grocery list or worry about who needs to be where. You have to focus on the present, the moment that you are in now. The moment that you need, just a few minutes a day to relax and calm your mind. I always start my relaxing with my feet, I flex them and unflex them. I do this all the way up my body. I let any tension that I feel leave through my feet and finger tips. I envision myself in a field of purple flowers (the reason for the name Summersfield) and feel the sun shining on my face. I lay in the flowers and watch the clouds float past. I am safe and happy.  Gradually, your body will feel more relaxed then you can remember. Your thoughts will become fewer and your breathing will become rhythmic.

You may experience yourself in a garden or in a forest. On the beach or on a mountain. It is not important where you go as long as it is a quiet, safe place with no worries or distraction.

You may experience tingling in your body or a feeling of heaviness or lightness. This is all very normal. It may even feel as if you are floating. These are all signs that you are allowing your body to rest and remain in a state of relaxation. At this point you may start to see colors or images. Again, this is very normal.

If you want to meet your spirit guides, it is very important to raise your vibration so that you are meeting them half way. With your body in this relaxed state, all you have to do is see the Holy Light shining down on you. Now in your special place, you may feel as if you are not alone. This will be your guide. Take note of what your guide may be wearing or what they look like. You may talk to him/her and ask questions that you may have.

It really is that simple. This is only a quick guideline to follow. You may feel more comfortable playing soft music or with candles lit. You may listen to a meditation CD to help guide you into relaxation. Whatever works for you is all that matters. Just enjoy the moment that you are in and let go of everything else.



                        Grounding and Protection


Grounding and Protecting yourself is one of the most important steps to take once you start to meditate. It is imperative that you raise your vibration when you are making contact with the other side so that no lower vibrational beings can come into your space. Grounding and/or protecting can also be done with Crystals and white sage.

Grounding is simply bonding with the earth. I like to see roots growing from my feet and sinking into the earth. I feel the roots giving me energy and keeping me firmly planted.

I then envision my body surrounded by white protective light coming directly down from above. I feel myself growing tall and my arms as the branches of the tree. As the sun does with a tree, the white light raises me towards the light, in turn raising my vibrations.

I feel the white light in my lungs and with every breath I take the white light surrounds me stronger and brighter. I feel my feet grounding to the earth to release any negativity that has surrounded me.

You may find other ways to raise your vibration and ground, but this is what works for me.