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Quotes What a FUN party!!! Ladies, gather your girlfriends for a night you'll never forget. A party with Diana beats the heck out of theme parties with makeup, candles or cooking ANY day! Quotes

Quotes Diana has proven herself to me over and over again. She is the REAL DEAL! She knew things about my family that I didn't even know...my mother confirmed them all! She has helped me more than I'll ever be able to express. Love you, D! Quotes

Quotes Diana, Thank you for counseling me during my family member's transition time. He was very ill for a while before his passing, and so much was going on that I just couldn't understand. With the help of your guidance, I was able to see through the suffering into the real pain that was being perpetuated by wrong-thinking. You helped me to get myself back on track and grieve in a healthy way, helping to make me available to my own family in their times of need during the crisis. I am thankful to have met such a gifted and empathic lady as you and I am blessed to call you friend. Thank you for all that you do! Love, Crystal Dawn Quotes

Quotes Almost a year ago, Diana did Reiki on my ankle and showed me how to do some mental imaging to help the treatment. I have been having problems with this ankle for years. I've undergone physical therapy and was given a series of exercises to do. While the PT and exercises helped to ease the pain a bit, my ankle continued to be painful and would swell up wider than my foot every day. After Diana's Reiki treatment I immediately felt better. The next day the swelling was gone. While I still have occasional flare ups, the swelling is minimal and does not occur on most days. I seldom have pain and when I do, it is controlled with ibuprofen. This is a huge improvement over what I've endured with this ankle in the past. Thank you Diana! Quotes

Quotes I met Diana through my wife. She came to give me a reading 2 days after we found out that my sister had a mis-carry. We told NO ONE. She insisted that my wife was pregnant or had a mis-carriage...he told her that it wasnt her, it was my sister. She said that my sister would be fine and would have a healthy baby soon after. (she got pregnant 4 weeks later and now was a healthy baby girl). I didnt know alot about my fathers side of the famlily other than they all died of cancer. but she gave me things to ask my father and it has brought light into some of the questions we had. She also connected with a dear friend of mine who was in a terrible car crash and died instantly. It helped me to know that he felt no pain and that he was "okay" with the outcome. I highly recommend that if you have questions, concerns about you and your family...ask her! Quotes
Indian Trail, NC

Quotes I was skepitc. I believe in God and have always been taught that once you die you go to 2 different places. But past that I never thought about it again. I never thought about being able to connect with them again other than dreaming about them. When I first met Diana we did a reading where she connected with my great grandmother. WOW was that crazy! She told me things that I didn't realize what was going on. She said that my great-grandma was happy that we were still doing the family picnics and staying intouch with eachother. She was very pleased with all the partners the family choose to marry. Then she FINALLY connected with my Papaw. I bawled like a baby. She KNEW things that no-one did. She saw the woodshed that papaw worked in for a hobby. She saw that he was in the army. She told me that he was with me and to stop hiding the toy that kept going off because he was playing with my son. After the reading, I knew that what I felt & heard Quotes
Dana (Indian Trail, NC)
WOW That was crazy!

Quotes Diana, thanks so much for coming over today. It meant so much to me to hear from my dad. Thanks for being so patient with him and with me. You are such a sweet, compassionate person. Quotes

Quotes I wanted to send you a note and tell you how wonderful this morning was!! I am going to check out some of the sites you gave me and get that book again. I talked to my mom and she wants to talk to you too. Is it ok to give her you phone number? I don''t know when she''ll want to do it. Thanks for all the help with me figuring out how you do what you do. I hope it''s ok that if i have any questions about mediumship that i can contact you. It was great meeting you! You have an awesome gift! Quotes

Quotes Whether you are a believer or not..,if you are ever interested in contacting the other side thru a medium..contact Diana. She came to my house this morning and let me tell you.....I have always wanted to do this but i never wanted to spend the money on someone that I didn't know and they might be a "fake". You just don't know who is straight and who is just out for money. Well Diana is the REAL thing. She could not possibly know the things she told me. Or the facts about my family. Or the concerns I haver personally. If you are open and honest with yourself and others and have questions for the "other side" get intouch with Diana. SHE IS GREAT and HONEST and UNDERSTANDING!!! Thank you Diana for everything...after talking with my mom about the notes I took...a lot of the things you said was confirmed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! North Carolina Quotes